Different Types of Sheep Wool

The most common type of wool that individuals are aware of comes from sheep. When looking at the labels of bought clothing that only depict that the item is made of wool then in the majority of cases this is sheep’s wool. For those that complain about their wool attire being itchy then it might have to do with the fact that isheep-175562_960_720t has been made from sheep wool. This is the type of wool that tends to shrink and lose it shape when not laundered or cared for properly.

Another type of wool is lambswool and although it comes from the sheep family it is the wool that comes from the sheep during its first sheering. This first sheering of wool is very soft and smooth and because it can only be done once as the first sheering it tends to be more expensive.

Another type of wool that comes from sheep comes from the Merino sheep. It is much finer and it is ideal to be used in clothing that can be worn in both the warm and cold weather.

Different Types of Goat Wool

For those that are willing to pay more money for their wool clothing then they will want to look for that which is made from the Cashmere goat. It provides good warmth but can also be worn in warmer temperatures. This wool is light in nature and quite durable.

Individuals that are looking for top quality yet expensive attire made from wool will often go for mohair which comes from the Angora goat. It has a wonderful soft silky texture to it while at the same time providing good protection from the elements. Because of its composition it doesn’t wrinkle as easily as what other types of wool does.