One of the most rewarding crafts that an individual can become involved in is making hand knit items. These can be comprised of small as well as large projects. It can be anything, from making a basic scarf to mittens, or larger items suknit-490823_960_720ch as sweaters or even blankets. No matter the type, once it is completed the individual should be very proud of it and definitely will want to preserve it with the proper care.

Handmade items from wool can last for many years when properly cared for. At the same time they can be damaged easily, especially if they are not laundered properly. It is important to know the type of wool that has been used for making the specific item because this will help dictate the care that it needs. For individuals that are making items from wool that are going to be given as gifts, it is a good idea to include the proper laundering and care instructions for that item.

If the item is small, many people simply like to hand wash the wool items. It must be noted that with the modern technology that is built into washing machines, now wool items can be laundered without fear of damaging them through those, provided it is done on a gentle cycle.

What is important is to choose the right type of detergent that is going to be used. A mild detergent is the best choice, although there are some specialised detergents on the market that have been developed to use just on wool items. Some of these specialty soaps for wool contain lanolin, which helps to produce the natural oils found in the wool.

Cold water is the best, and gentle agitation of the item is important in order to allow it to keep its shape, and not damage the fibres of the wool. Drying is going to be the next important step and air drying by laying the item flat and shaping it properly is the best course of action.